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Do you need a professional and affordable pool plumbing and repair service in Sydney? Pool Central is here for you!

We perform professional low-maintenance installations and servicing for your pool pump,equipment, plumbing, and repairs. Getting the right pool plumbing and repair is important to minimise the maintenance of your swimming pool and pool equipment in the long-term.

Why pool plumbing and repairs?

When constructing your very own swimming pool, it is crucial to ensure that the pool plumbing is implemented smoothly to prolong the lifespan of your pool.

  • Pool plumbing is important because fitting pool pipes in an incorrect manner can lead to several problems in the future, which in turn costs you a fortune.
  • Such pool plumbing issues can result in leaks or unwanted air causing fluctuation in the pool filtration system’s pressure.
  • The pool plumbing work you require can be a part of the whole pool filtration system or renovation upgrade.
  • It might be because your current pool setup is not providing you with the best water quality or level of efficiency you require. Alternatively, it can also be a relocation of your pool plumbing or pipes from one area to another to help create some extra space.
  • It is important to get the process of pool plumbing accurately, as once the concrete is poured onto a site, any plumbing mistakes can be quite expensive and difficult to rectify and repair.
  • Pool plumbing can include any type of provision for pressure cleaners, along with solar and gas heating installations.

We have noticed that our happiest clients are the ones that took our pool plumbing services at an early stage.

Why choose Pool Central for your pool plumbing issues?

Our qualified team of plumbers will help you fix the top 4 most common pool plumbing issues, which are:

  • Increased/Decreased Filter Pressure
    Algae blocking your filter pressure is one of the most common problems. The blockage results in an increase in pressure, which can leave you with the potential for some equipment damages. Similarly, a decrease in pressure could because of a blockage in suction lines.Our experts will find where the algae are located and remove them without any hassle. Once we fix such issues, your filter pressure will return to normal. Trust our pool plumbers to fix your filter pressure issues fast and to the best standard.
  • Pipe Leaks
    We understand that the last thing you would want to be associated with your pool plumbing repairs is a pipe leak. Pipe leaks can potentially cause water damage to your property and even raise your water bills. You may even lose money due to the chemicals e.g. chlorine escaping through your leak. Fortunately, we are there to help you. Our skilled technicians will find the source of the leak and give you peace of mind that you will be back relaxing in your pool.
  • Unwanted Air
    If any sort of unwanted air is present in your pipes, it can restrict the water flow which is prone to cause a cloudy pool. Additionally, it can even cause a pressure increase in your filter causing it to burst suddenly. You will want to fix such serious problems as soon as you can to prevent any further damages.
    We assure you to provide you with the best advice and a pool inspection to ascertain your pool plumbing and repairs worries.
  • Unclean Filter
    The filtration system of a pool is extremely important, and you need to keep it well maintained. However, sometimes your pool’s filter may break or stop working at its full capacity. This leads to debris, leaves, and other unwanted objects passing through filters and leaving your pool dirty. If your pool has a filter issue, be sure to call pool cleaning services in Sydney to arrange a fix, replacement, or pool plumbing repair.

If you want to know more about our range of pool plumbing services then please contact us on 02 9451 1020

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